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Case Study: Thatcher’s Organic Spirits

A niche market brand reboot that led to real results

Thatcher’s Organic produces a line of organic spirits and small batch vodka with a clean, crisp flavor. It’s American-made and manufactured with food connoisseurs in mind. While Thatcher’s is a product many would enjoy, in 2014 it's brand awareness began to wane. The company experienced flatline to moderate growth and to keep the ship afloat, they knew something had to change.

“Our brand needed to accelerate growth and insert ourselves into the right conversations.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Thatcher’s

Dave Racicot, founder of Thatcher's Organic Spirits turned to Tiny Blue Sky for assistance. He valued their holistic approach to marketing and was enticed by the ability to have all their marketing efforts housed within one agency. In the past he had to work with multiple agencies -- one for packaging and design, another for website and digital marketing. Working with multiple agencies added another layer of work and coordination for him during a time when he needed his focus to be on increasing his distribution within the marketplace rather than being a g0-between to the agencies.

Dave was also impressed by the passion Tiny Blue Sky's staff had for the craft beverage and specialty food industry. Through his interactions with everyone on the team it was clear to him that they believe in what they do and the industries they work with.

“Tiny Blue Sky understood our market and the importance of analytics in a niche industry. It’s part of who they are and what they’re all about.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Thatcher’s


A Solid vision

From the beginning, Thatcher's Organic Spirits Founder Dave Racicot had a strong vision for what he wanted the Thatcher’s brand to look and sound like. Tiny Blue Sky took the time to truly understand that vision and bring it to fruition.

Thatchers Apple Spice Ginger

Brand Reboot

Tiny Blue Sky updated the messaging and visual branding around Thatcher’s to more effectively target the brand's consumer. They cleaned up the conversation making the brand more salient and impactful. They fleshed out important product points, specified where the right points of contact were and described how best to engage with consumers and brand advocates.

Tiny Blue Sky gave Thatcher’s a complete makeover including product messaging, image development, website redesign, sales tool kit materials, and a digital marketing strategy founded in analytics and research. The whole kittenkaboodle.

“Tiny Blue Sky had a knack for interpreting my wants and inspirations and proved it through their use of brand imagery and message.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Thatcher’s


A new website

The website was launched in August 2015 and since then Tiny Blue Sky has implemented a digital marketing strategy meant to drive traffic towards the website. They promoted professional photographs of recipes using Thatcher’s on social media and launched a blog updated monthly highlighting restaurants and retailers that carry the product. These key players promote the blog via their social media networks and a buzz has begun.

Thatcher's Website


Within the first month, website traffic increased from 300 to over 1,000 visitors. But that was just the first month. Traffic has risen throughout the year due to Tiny Blue Sky's digital marketing efforts.

The Thatcher's Organic Facebook page has almost 7,000 followers and recent efforts on Pinterest and Instagram are paying off as these numbers continue to rise.

30% Increase in product sales

While increased website traffic is great, the more important story here is that Thatcher's Organic is currently experiencing a 30% growth in product sales and attributes much of that to the marketing efforts of Tiny Blue Sky.

Before Thatcher’s began working with Tiny Blue Sky, they had almost no social media presence. Along with their website, Tiny Blue Sky now manages Thatcher’s Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Their strategies are in a constant state of change based on market trends, analytics, and research.

Case Study: Thatcher's Organic Spirits

A valuable learning curve

This journey has been a huge learning curve for Dave. Through Tiny Blue Sky he learned how the marketplace is changing, how current consumers are behaving, and how to interact using new platforms to maintain your product voice and stay relevant.

“Tiny Blue Sky has opened up my eyes to show me how consumers are engaging with brands today.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Thatcher’s


In the end Dave says it’s all about awareness, acknowledgement, and conversation. Businesses in niche industries such as his have hard targets to meet. They have to go after it and have to deliver.

He describes Tiny Blue Sky as efficient and an agency that can take your idea to the next level. They instilled and inspired confidence in him and his ability to get the Thatcher’s off the ground. Their sales driven mindset brought real results and solidified Thatcher’s Organic Spirits as a contender in the marketplace.

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