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Tiny Blue Sky process

There is a big difference between an idea and bringing an idea to fruition. While we are creatives and love a good idea, we know that execution is where the rubber meets the road. Having a proven process is key to building solid websites and churning out great digital marketing.

Our process is rooted in strategy, so all of our projects begin with your business goals. We dig deep to understand your unique business and where you want to take it. Based on the discovery, we create a written strategy to execute on -- a strategy we always come back to. After that, we dive in to the creative.

We're process geeks, so project management is an important piece of everything we do. This is another thing that sets us apart from many agencies. You won't have to stay on top of us for deadlines. We're usually the ones contacting you to make your job easier by keeping the entire project and process running smoothly.

Website process:

  • Discovery and research
  • Strategy
  • Content and Design
  • Development
  • Training
  • Launch

Digital Marketing Process:

  • Discovery and research
  • Written strategy
  • Creation of an editorial calendar
  • On-going creation and publishing of content
  • Monthly editorial meeting
  • Monthly review of analytics

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