Website Analytics Packages

Website analytics are usually an afterthought. Sure, you have Google Analytics set up on your website, but when was the last time you looked at how your site was doing?

Not only that, your website and SEO analytics is overwhelming. Where do you even start? That's where we come in. Not only do we provide easy-to-understand monthly analytics reports that explain what the data means, we also provide you with suggestions and tips to improve your website and its presence on search engines like Google. Check out our web analytics packages below. Please note that if you purchase our monthly Premium Website Management package, our Website Analytics package is automatically included. For $100 more, you can add on our SEO Analytics.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics

$250 / month

(already included with Premium Website Management Packages)

Google analytics can be overwhelming. That’s why each month we provide you with an easy-to-read report of your website analytics PLUS provide you with suggestions for how to incrementally improve your website.

Learn more about your audience including:

  • Number of visitors each month
  • How long they stay and how many pages they visit
  • Where they are coming from geographically
  • What devices they are using
  • And more

How your audience is interacting with your content including:

  • Popular and trending content on your website
  • What blog posts and landing pages are doing best on your site
  • How visitors are flowing through your website
  • And more

How people are getting to your site including:

  • Traffic coming from search engines
  • Social media sites that bring the most traffic
  • What websites people are coming from via links
  • Number of visitors coming via your email marketing efforts
  • And more
SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics

$250 / month

(Only $100 additional with the Premium Website Management Package)

SEO doesn’t have to be mysterious. Each month we’ll provide you with a customized report that explains how your site is fares as far as search goes PLUS we provide you with suggestions for improving your website's search rankings.

Your monthly SEO Report will include:

  • Your domain authority - how Google and other search engines rank your website in comparison to other websites
  • Keyword rankings - see what keywords people are finding you for and where you rank
  • Your top page rankings (the order pages on your website show up in a Google search)
  • Insights for improving your SEO from a more technical aspect - things like improving page speed, redirects, etc.
  • Opportunities for links (having links to your website on other websites is an important part of SEO)
  • Content suggestions for blog posts, landing pages and lead magnets