The craft of coffee - an interview with Dripworks co-founder Danielle Charles

Episode 12 – The Craft of Coffee – An interview with Danielle Charles of Dripworks

by Gretchen DeVault | November 15, 2017

Dripworks Coffee in northern MichiganIn this episode we talk with a different kind of craft brewer — the craft of coffee with Danielle Charles, co-founder of DripWorks Coffee in Petoskey, Michigan. We talked with Danielle at the end of the summer about how she and her husband built and have grown their business. Danielle shares how they have created a beautiful brand and customer experience, the art of baking, sourcing local ingredients, creating systems and keeping employees happy and engaged.

Danielle Charles, co-founder of Dripworks Coffee

About Dripworks

Dripworks is run by husband and wife team Mike Davies and Danielle Charles. Both Northern Michigan natives, Mike and Danielle spent time in Seattle, Vermont and England before realizing there was no place like home. Dripworks is a compilation of all their favorite types of places - think French pâtisserie meets third wave coffee bar; English teahouse meets 1950's soda fountain. In short, it is the type of cafe they always wished existed. From the bar to the wooden benches made of Michigan hardwood, they built everything in the shop themselves. Find Danielle behind the bar, brewing pour overs and pouring lattes. Mike will be in the kitchen elbow deep in a bowl of dough, or blow-torching some meringue.

Gretchen DeVault
Gretchen is an experienced web/graphic designer and marketing strategist with a whip-smart aesthetic and solid work ethic. She values intuition and a design process where strategy and human interaction intersect. With more than 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of boutique businesses, corporate and nonprofit clients, she has an established record of creating awesome for her clients.


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