Kayla Kleinman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kayla is a multi-passionate social media strategist based in NYC.

She accidentally landed her first marketing position back in 2013 thanks to a tweet she sent out. That tweet got her noticed by a then small start-up that was hiring a Social Media Manager. As they say, the rest is history. Since then Kayla has worked in the marketing world focusing on social media content creation and strategy for small businesses. She completed a master's degree in social media and mobile marketing from the Lubin School of Business.

In addition to her passion for all things social media, Kayla is also a blogger, yoga teacher and fitness instructor. Her blog, Kayla in the City, has been featured in Teen Vogue.

When not teaching, blogging, or tweeting, more often than not you can find Kayla reading a fabulous book or walking around Manhattan listening to a podcast while sipping an iced soy vanilla latte.

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Kayla Kleinman