Learn How an Evergreen Content Strategy Can Help Your Business Thrive

Learn How an Evergreen Content Strategy Can Help Your Business Thrive

by Talia Stinson | November 14, 2020

Growth is constant, rather than immediate. Or, at least it should be.

Think about it: publishing a new blog post or article on your site does not necessarily mean that it’ll be relevant for forever. To keep your content top of mind, think…green. Evergreen content is considered strategic king. This approach drives organic traffic long after a piece is published. Regardless of your business size, it is possible to craft a content strategy that works within your vision to catalyze growth and sustainability amidst the ebbs and flows of an operational lifecycle.

SEO is Power

In order for your site to rank on Google, or any search engine, you will absolutely need to have evergreen content posted to help increase organic site traffic. Evergreen content will positively impact your site’s SEO, as it promotes long term visibility online. This prominence will attract more site visitors and customers to an online business alike overtime, which can have a significant positive impact on your business goals.  

Unlike more time sensitive pieces, a content marketing strategy that hones in on topics that are of relevant interest to your target audience. It’s a great way to show off your expertise in a specific area, all while growing your site’s content library. Whether you’re just starting out or are more seasoned in developing online content, you want to make your online storefront, also known as your website, work for you. 

Start with a plan. Brainstorming ideas that you can plan on your editorial calendar to produce and publish is key. It’s also important to make it relevant to your target audience, just as much as identifying topics that will remain top of mind over the long time. A great way to come up with ideas for your online content is to use keyword searching. This approach can help you find topics that will help your site standout and get noticed. 

Evergreen content can be shared time and again, even after it’s first been published and it’ll still be fresh. That post sharing and relevance will help boost your site’s online rankings. Ideally, you’ll produce a piece that is so relevant and promote longevity in rankings that others will see the value and potentially backlink, or link to a relevant piece of your site content, on their site as well when it makes sense within their content calendar. 

It’s a win-win, as your site’s piece will be featured in telling their site brand’s story, while your piece continues to attract visibility and maintain a higher ranking in search engines. 

What Evergreen Content is NOT

Time sensitive pieces are those that have a more defined timeframe and are more narrow in focus. For example, articles or blog posts that cover statistics, specific holidays, a specific sporting event, or current events in either the news or politics are not considered to be evergreen. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with time sensitive pieces. We think that iIt’s important to have some diversity of content types featured on your site. However, think back to how it’ll rank overtime. A more time sensitive piece, such as one about a political election or the Super Bowl, will spike at the beginning when it goes live and those within your target readership will reference it often. After a while, either a few weeks or months, less people will access them and the relative analytics will flatline. 

According to Ahrefs, this concept is also known as the “spike of hope” and the “flatline of nope.” 

How to Stay Fresh

There are five reasons to create evergreen content:

(Source: The Beginner’s Guide to Evergreen Content, DMI Blog)

Each of these reasons is a key ingredient to a successful content marketing strategy. When you’re planning your content calendar or even your social media strategy, try to think about topics ideas that will generate longer lasting content on your site. Whether the goal of a website is to share a personal story, to sell specific product types, or to engage others on a professional level, it’s important to include topics that keep you top of mind.  Some examples include how-to articles, tips of a trade, or instructional guides. 

These examples are ones that can likely live long term and be sustainable with your audience overtime. And, there’s a good chance that it’ll help you expand your reach both within and even beyond your target market. This content can be both posted and refreshed overtime to help maintain relevance. Even more, if you put a lead form on the page itself, it can help continuously generate business leads.

Maximizing Evergreen Content Overtime 

Your site can work for you. Frankly, it should. Once you make the investment in a strategy that highlights evergreen content, you’re very likely to see a return on that investment one way or another in terms of site traffic, SEO, and even in online business sales. Your target audience will always have a reason to be engaged, and they’ll want to come back and see your online storefront as an expert-level resource in your respective industry. That will enhance your brand presence.

Want to schedule your content release, as part of your content marketing strategy? We’d suggest using services that can both plan and track your all-in-one social media post activity. Services such as SmarterQueue or MeetEdgar to automatically schedule the social shares of your articles or blog posts. They can simultaneously save you time, help drive organic traffic that you monitor and use to plan your future post content, and drive revenue to your business. 

Smart and strategic social marketing is a key piece to a successful content marketing strategy. Paired with evergreen content that speaks to your target market, your chosen strategy will ultimately enhance and expand your online brand. 

Manual social media management is a job in and of itself. Part of your strategy in promoting your online content should include service aids that make it easier. 

At Tiny Blue Sky, we want to help you thrive. Your success is important to us, and we want to showcase your content as you envision. We’re experienced digital marketers and web developers that are ready to help you build a site that can work for you both now and in the future. A site build is one thing, but having a content strategy that helps you achieve your goals takes it a step further.

Let’s work together to move your business forward. We’re here and we’re ready to partner with you to plan for tomorrow. Reach out to us today to get started and to learn more. 

Talia Stinson
Talia A. Stinson is a freelance writer and project manager based in Philadelphia, PA. In her near 15 year career, she has worked in local government, the nonprofit sector, and in the private sector in Philadelphia. Her professional background includes research, technology project management, data analysis, and writing.


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