Packaging Design


Like a moth to a flame humans are drawn to beautifully packaged products.

The importance of packaging design is often overlooked in the product development process. A strategically and beautifully designed package can make the difference between whether or not your product sells. At Tiny Blue Sky, we can help you with all aspects of packaging design -- from concept to final design to working with the printing company on the final product.

Packaging Services Include:

  • Concepts and prototypes
  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Bottle capsules
  • Boxes
  • Logistics Analysis

This is where we really think it through. We talk through all the nitty gritty details from start to finish to make sure your product launch comes off seamlessly with no surprises. Concepts or prototypes can also be used by clients when considering a new product or licensing venture or pitching to potential investors.

Research Packaging Options

We can help research potential packaging materials, pricing, and gathering all brand assets (including brand guidelines) to present you with well thought, strategic packaging solutions.

Label and Packaging Design

After the product gets through the concept phase, we get into the details of what needs to go on the label/package -- things like UPC codes, sizing, warnings, instructions, ingredients and make sure you are following any necessary guidelines as laid out by the U.S. Government.

Prepress and Print Coordination

We work with the client's printer getting them the appropriate files and provide any additional support needed to produce a quality final product. We do press checks on request as well.

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