Product Photography

Product Photography

Photographs that make you think whatever that is, I want to eat it, drink it or buy it now! -- that’s what sells and we can help.

With visual social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat dominating the internet, using professional product photography is a highly effective way to get your brand in front of new viewers and engage your current audience. Good photography tells your brand’s story and help share your history with others. One good photo will stick with consumers much more than a catchy slogan or 200 word product description. Great photography also helps you connect more professionally with well known influencers online that can help build a brand following.

We take the time to understand your business and our product photography reflects the creativity and passion we bring to everything. We think ahead and create beautiful brand and product photography that becomes part of your digital marketing strategy and overall branding package.

Product Photography Services Include:

  • Product photography
  • Social media photography
  • Brand photography
  • Snapchat and Instagram stories

Our Process

We want your product photos to tell a story to consumers making them stop and stare for a moment. Photo shoots are more than point and click sessions with intense editing later. It takes some time, thought, and professionalism to get high quality pictures that make your product relevant and real.

Concepting - Here we define the tone, vibe and visual direction of the photography before a shoot. We use tools like mood boards and brainstorming sessions to pool our ideas together resulting in a cohesive course of action.

Styling - We can do the styling ourselves or work with a client's stylist. We have experience in both food and product styling and are pretty darn good at it.

Photo Shoots - These are either onsite or off-site. If off-site, we keep lines of communication open throughout the shoot by sending sample shots in real time to clients making sure we are staying on track.

Photo Editing - After the shoot, we provide professional photo editing services to get a top notch final product.

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