Our State of Generosity

Featured Work: Our State of Generosity

Our State of Generosity (OSoG) is a partnership of four institutions—the Council of Michigan Foundations; the Michigan Nonprofit Association; the Michigan Community Service Commission; and the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy—that collectively form the backbone of the state’s philanthropic, voluntary, and nonprofit infrastructure. OSoG’s mission is to capture, preserve, analyze, and share the developments, achievements, and experiences that, over a period of 40 years, made Michigan a State of Generosity. We worked with OSoG to design the initiative's branding as well as the design/build of the website.

How the website is furthering the organization's mission:

  • Positions Our State of Generosity as the premiere resource on Michigan's history of philanthropy
  • Provides audience an interactive experience with the history of philanthropy in Michigan
  • Provides readers with resources like historical documents, toolkits and lesson plans
  • Allows the staff to continue to easily add leader, partner and project profiles as well as historical documents