Legal Assistance Center

Featured Work: Legal Assistance Center

The Legal Assistance Center (LAC) is an independent, nonprofit self-help center that works to make access to justice a reality for everyone, no matter their circumstances. They help people become better informed and better prepared from a legal standpoint so their voices can be heard. We redesigned their brand and built a custom website to help the organization grow and serve more people.

How the website is helping to further Legal Assistance Center's mission:

  • Positions Legal Assistance Center as the go to legal self-help center in West Michigan
  • Provides legal resources which allows the organization to serve more people
  • Educates the community on the need for accessible legal resources
  • Supplements in-person services so that visits to the Center can be more efficient
  • Shows the impact of the organization to donors and the community
  • Increases donations
  • Increases volunteer sign ups
  • Allows volunteers to apply for positions online
  • Through analytics, the organization is able to assess what specific issues are trending
  • Through analytics, the organization is able to see how many people are being served online