The Secret Power of a Drip Campaign

The Secret Power of A Drip Campaign

by Talia Stinson | August 25, 2020

A drip campaign, also known as an automated email campaign, can help revive and grow any online business. Now more than ever, businesses should consider developing a good email strategy to support their operational and sales growth and development. A well-planned drip campaign can help convert new subscribers into sales with both the right content and timing.

The two top goals of a solid drip campaign are:

Build the Relationship from the First Interaction: the Lead Magnet

Your drip campaign starts with a lead magnet, or an introduction, to a new list subscriber that might potentially lead to a sale and a loyal longer-term supporter. Some of the most common types of lead magnets include:

The goal of the lead magnet is to entice your ideal client into providing an email address for your list. Many retail stores are currently offering various discounts and multiple opportunities for free shipping on sales processed, both of which are also types of lead magnets.

The best lead magnets provide a lot of value upfront and hook your ideal contact within seconds of them seeing the pitch and convincing them to subscribe. Your leads list is central to your online business model. Capitalizing on the initial curiosity is part of the sales hook.

Finalize the Strategy Prior to Advertising

Start with strategy to yield success! It is important to finalize your drip campaign’s messaging and timeline prior to actively advertising, either with paid media or organic methods. Social media advertising is a key ingredient to a successful marketing campaign strategy. To generate traffic from the lead magnet, advertising will help attract your ideal clients to join your email list. Hopefully, over the longer-term they’ll eventually become your paying customers.

Paid advertising includes targeted Facebook Ads, Google Search Ads, or Instagram Ads. Organic social media is different in that it does not require a financial investment upfront and is more manual. With an organic strategy, you should have social media posting schedule–posting at least once a month, ideally more often–on your selected social media outlets, with taglines and images to entice your ideal clients to follow you. One thing to keep in mind with organic advertising is that you seldom have control over how potential customers or clients will use or interpret your media.

Actively engage followers to nurture relationships, encourage them to join your email list, and introduce them to your project offerings throughout the timed automation process of the campaign. And remember, your social media advertising should support the function of your drip campaign.

By being strategic in your approach, you can better plan and direct your marketing budget, as well as better target your ideal clients. One of the most powerful parts of a drip campaign is learning how your ideal clients think, shop, spend, and even when they are most active online.

Treat Your Emails as a Form of Currency

Subsequent emails further the relationship by providing helpful and targeted information to connect your audience to build trust in your brand and ultimately keep your products top of mind. Remember, each email is timed to engage readers throughout the automated process.

The automation is developing the marketing sales funnel, which happens prior to conversion. As a general rule of thumb, you should refrain from introducing a higher-priced product near the beginning of the funnel. Building trust and introducing the brand takes a little time. You are learning about your customers, just as they are learning your brand offerings. You might consider marketing a lower priced item during your funnel, or a wedge product, that can help encourage a future pricier purchase.

Once a subscriber has been with you for a while and learns more about your business offerings, the chances of them making that higher-priced purchase increases. Your email list, when managed well, will serve as a revenue generator.

Next Steps: What Happens After the Automation is Complete

Once complete, the email addresses collected from your campaign are added to your email system. From the lead magnet through the subsequent targeted emails, you will not only be able to gauge the interests and behaviors of your list subscribers, but also separate emails into specific funnels so that you can better target your email marketing in the future. A successfully completed automation should result in a funnel that will help educate your audience on product and service offerings, and convert that interest into increased revenue generation overtime. When your ideal clients are in the right funnel and receive the right targeted messaging, they are more likely to not opt out of your email list and want to learn more about your product offerings.

Remember, a conversion itself does not mean the process is over. Consistent engagement will continue to be a critical ingredient to maintaining your list and building your online business.

A Compelling, Well-Nurtured Strategy Will Result in Success

In this new world, it is important that any business effectively and strategically attract consumers online. Any business needs a solid online storefront, matched with a compelling strategy to support its success and longevity. At Tiny Blue Sky, we are here to help you learn how to pivot your sales strategy to encourage the right clients to join your email community and buy-in. to your business on some level.

Start with nurturing a lead, develop an automated email strategy to further the relationship and grow. Need help or want to learn more? Contact us today to learn more. We are here to help and would love to work with you!

Talia Stinson
Talia A. Stinson is a freelance writer and project manager based in Philadelphia, PA. In her near 15 year career, she has worked in local government, the nonprofit sector, and in the private sector in Philadelphia. Her professional background includes research, technology project management, data analysis, and writing.


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