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Episode 6: Using an Editorial Calendar for Thoughtful Content Planning (plus editorial calendar templates)

by Amanda St. Pierre | March 6, 2019

In this episode, we make the case for using an editorial calendar for content planning. It might take a little time on the front end, but it will be well worth your efforts. Having an editorial calendar will allow you to manage your communication flow, help you feel organized and most importantly, it will produce results.

Being an effective communicator requires good planning. No one wants to work in constant reaction mode. It’s exhausting and it also leaves too much room for error and missing strategic opportunities.

What is an Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is a planning document that lays out what you will communicate, when, where, and how. It can also include who is in charge of creating content to keep you and your team organized.

As you begin to fill in your editorial calendar, you will begin to see months that are heavy with content and months that are lighter. You can use this info to make adjustments to ensure consistency in your communication. You don’t want to bombard people one month and then go silent for the entire next quarter. Rather you want to plan even and consistent touch points that increase awareness and strengthen relationships. 

Build Your Editorial Calendar on a Good Foundation

You should build your editorial calendar on a strong foundation. Before you begin, be sure to have clearly identified and defined:

Create the Right Editorial Calendar for Your Organization

An editorial calendar is not a one size fits all tool. It really depends on your needs and the size of your team. Begin by considering the level of detail that will be most useful to you as you implement the content on the calendar. There are a range of options—from a few columns on a spreadsheet to something quite robust with multiple tabs or sheets for each communication channel you use.

We are all about helpful tools that make your life easier. We’ve provided access to two templates below to get you started.

What Might Be Included on Your Editorial Calendar

For a basic editorial calendar you will likely include the following elements:

You can add extra value by adding columns for your results right in this spreadsheet. Tracking takes time, but it also allows you to see what’s working and report your successes to your leadership and board more easily.

Items you might track include:

We like to add a separate tab or sheet for additional content topics. You can do a brain dump on this sheet of all the potential topics, ideas, donor/grantee/client stories you might want to share during the year. This acts as a holding place until they are scheduled. It’s always nice to have some evergreen stories you can use during slow times.

If you have a team dedicated to creating and managing content, you may need a more robust editorial calendar that provides separate tabs or sheets for each medium with a greater level of detail. These can all feed into a content overview sheet to help you manage activity.

Tools We Recommend for Editorial Calendars


Check out our templates to get started today:

Have a question or need help getting started? Let’s talk!

Amanda St. Pierre
Amanda has worked in nonprofit communication since 2004. She’s a seasoned writer and an accredited public relations practitioner. Amanda is a strategic-thinker, a problem-solver and a details enthusiast. She earned Accreditation in Public Relations through the Public Relations Society of America in 2012. When not tapping away on her trusty laptop, Amanda can be found drinking coffee or whipping up new recipes to enjoy with friends and family.


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