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Blog writing for busy craft beer producers.

monthly blog writing services

You’re busy. You’re running a successful brewery and managing day-to-day operations. Blogging for your brewery is a great way to engage with your customers and allow them to see behind the scenes how you products are developed and brewed. Blogging can also improve your SEO rankings making it easier for customers to find your brewery on Google. But it’s hard to carve out focused time for writing on a consistent basis.

That’s where our blog writing services come in. We can handle all aspects of creating blog posts — from interviews to research to posting on your website — allowing you to focus on your brewery business. The blog posts can be ghost written for your leadership. We use your brand voice and industry expertise.

How our monthly blog writing service works:

  • You choose how often you want to publish posts (weekly, every other week, monthly)
  • We create a content strategy focused on SEO keywords
  • We put together a one-year editorial calendar
  • At the first of the month, we kick off the content for the following month
  • We manage it all. You don’t worry about a thing. We’ll contact you when we need something.
  • We set up and conduct interviews with you, your staff or key customers
  • We research any additional information needed for the blog post
  • We write the draft blog post (on-brand and keyword rich) and send it to you for review
  • We find the right graphics so it stand outs
  • We post it on your website and optimize it for SEO
  • We promote the post on your social media profiles
  • We provide you with analytics so you can see how many people are reading and sharing your post

Because of the upfront work creating a content strategy and one-year editorial calendar, we require a one-year contract for our blog writing services.

Interested? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you with pricing.

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