Case Study: Brown Jug Spirits

Case Study: Brown Jug Spirits

Turning an idea into reality with amazing results

Brown Jug Spirits is a whiskey-based spirits brand with a bold flavor and distinct persona. Distributed throughout the United States, the brand represents America at its best. 

But in the beginning, the product was just a concept. Brown Jug Spirits worked with Tiny Blue Sky from the brand's inception. Tiny Blue Sky worked side-by-side with Brown Jug Spirits' CEO Dave Racicot to take the concept and make it a reality.

“Brown Jug was a fast take off. Tiny Blue Sky helped me create a clear, own-able position and differentiated point of view that made our brand stand out.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Brown Jug Spirits



Dave had a distinct vision for the brand and Tiny Blue Sky brought that vision to life. Tiny Blue Sky took the time to understand the company's business goals and inspirations and did their best to ensure consistency between his product vision and reality.

From the ground up, the Tiny Blue Sky team developed messaging, a brand identity, packaging, photography and a tool kit to help the sales team as they worked with distributors. In addition, Tiny Blue Sky designed and developed a user-friendly website for consumers and began digital marketing efforts to increase audience activity and engagement.

“Working with Tiny Blue Sky allowed the brand to really thrive. They did a great job making sure the messaging was clear and on point.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Brown Jug Spirits



In August 2015, Tiny Blue Sky launched the Brown Jug Spirits' website. In early 2016, Tiny Blue Sky developed and implemented a digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to the website.

Brown Jug Spirits exceeded all growth expectations and came out of the gates flying. Since its launch, the website has seen traffic continuously increase averaging close to 2,400 visitors monthly. The Facebook page has almost 30,000 followers and these numbers, along with product sales, continue to rise.

Tiny Blue Sky identified a strong consumer audience and went for it. They developed mass awareness for the product based on research, strategy and experience. Along with their website, Tiny Blue Sky now manages Brown Jug’s Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Their strategies are in a constant state of change based on market trends, analytics, and research.

“Because of Tiny Blue Sky we have been able to grow and exceed our expectations. That is awesome and exciting.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Brown Jug Spirits


Working with Tiny Blue Sky has been eye opening for Dave. Through them he learned more about the fluid dynamics of social media behavior and consumer trends. He’s thinks much of their success as a marketing firm lies in their ability to continually invest in themselves and and stay on top of the latest marketing tactics and best practices. That is what made him more interested to learn about who they are and what they’re all about.

“It’s a continuous learning cycle and I can honestly say that Tiny Blue Sky made me a better marketer.”

Dave Racicot, CEO of Brown Jug Spirits

Case Study: Brown Jug Spirits

Dave thinks that if you are a nimble, craft, culinary brand, Tiny Blue Sky will serve you well. Their work is crisp, clear, and impactful. He agrees that he could have hired a suite of people, instead he turned to Tiny Blue Sky. They are comfortable in their approach, take their client’s inspirations seriously, and are consistent in their execution.

Tiny Blue Sky was able to grow the Brown Jug Spirits brand from inception. They did it based on experience, strategy, and time investment in both the creator and the brand itself. The results have been amazing and continue to impress both Dave and his marketing team at Tiny Blue Sky.

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